Floral motifs have been revived in a host of incarnations, from chunky acrylic cuffs to delicate diamond earrings. Kathryn Bishop discovers what’s blossoming this season.

Fom Fei Liu’s Peony collection to Zoe & Morgan’s Hindu-inspired Mandala ring, an array of flower jewellery has bloomed once again.

The flower is one of jewellery’s most timeless and feminine themes, but these attributes are not its limitations. Instead, floral motifs have been refreshed for a new season by a swathe of fashion-led brands and fine jewellery houses, toying with pavé-set petals or details picked out in eye-catching tropical hues.

Floral ring by Lindsay Pearson

Floral ring by Lindsay Pearson

Floral jewellery can be bold in its use of colour, petal shapes can be oversized, and designs are becoming ever-more abstract in their manifestation. The flower shape also lends itself well to collections, enabling companies to build a range from a single flower pendant to statement designs with clusters of flowers that tumble from the ear or wrap around the wrist…

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