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It’s not everyday that the Government dips its toe in the world of jewellery, but a new initiative titled Your Parent Guide (YPG) is seeking to encourage the gifting of jewellery to new mothers and parents.

Following a bout of research into post-natal depression and the important role that families can play in supporting mothers in those crucial first weeks and months following the birth of a baby, YPG will launch with a new campaign this autumn, choosing to work with CMJ member SWAG [campaign pictured above] as its initial jewellery partner on the initiative.

Given to all parents on the arrival of a new baby, YPG is working with a host of British businesses, from large-scale corporate partners for areas such as health and education, to those of an independent ilk. Edward Ferris, managing director of SWAG, explains: “I was originally approached by a researcher employed by the guide to look into companies that could fit to various categories, one of which was a jewellery retailer. It had been found in their research that one of the things that made a mum feel positive both about herself and in herself after the birth of a child was a gift of jewellery.”

For SWAG, its family heritage and focus on serving customers locally and in a traditional manner was considered the perfect fit for YPG. Armed with the research that a gift of something meaningful such as jewellery helps to lessen the effects of post-natal depression, which according to the NHS 10-15% of women will experience some form of, YPG sought out a business that understood the balancing act of work and family life…

As featured in The Company of Master Jeweller’s FACETS Magazine