REPORT: The Men’s Jewellery Market in 2016

smith grey mens jewellery


“Attract more magpies” shouted a recent style column dedicated to men’s jewellery, encouraging chaps to go bold with their jewellery in order to catch the interest of passing acquaintances.

You could imagine this column in GQ magazine, possibly Esquire. In fact, it was EasyJet Traveller, the in-flight magazine read by me, you and 7.2 million other people each month, and evidence that the men’s jewellery market may have finally flown into the mainstream.

Market figures uphold growth in the sector. Mintel’s Jewellery Retailing report from September 2015 outlines that one in five men have bought precious metal jewellery for themselves in the past year, “reflecting a growing trend for men to take a greater interest in fashion and their appearance”. Further, 30% of “young, affluent men” aged 16 to 34 have purchased precious jewellery – most often gold – driving the trend for jewellery among their peer group.

Supporting Mintel’s findings is data from retail-focused SEO agency Blueclaw, which reveals the most-searched men’s jewellery brands in the UK. The top five are presently Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Gucci, Thomas Sabo and Versace, upholding the view that shoppers of men’s jewellery are taking greater interest in big-name fashion labels…

Read more in the July 2016 issue of Retail Jeweller

Images: Luis Morais, Smith/Grey