Would you melt down your engagement ring? Or a diamond necklace? Or treasured bracelet?

We’ve all been through bad break-ups and let’s be honest, not all of us have a simple ‘conscious uncoupling’.

From old t-shirts to record collections, most of us acquire a lot of s**t from ex-partners. But possibly the most sentimental item we are left with is the jewellery.

And here comes the dilemma – what do we do with those once-treasured trinkets? We’ve taken a look at the more precious ways people are marking their break-up milestones.

Image: Gisele Ganne Divorce rings

Image: Gisele Ganne Divorce rings

Let’s start at the bitter end: if you want to stick two fingers up at a past relationship, Gisele Ganne’s [pictured, right] somewhat macabre Divorce Ring collection makes a real ‘f*** you’ statement.

Oversized and ostentatious, these bird skull knuckledusters pack a punch – so we suggest avoiding your ex while wearing one…

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